Providing Global Emergency Service Solutions

R&M Aviation is a leading provider of aerial fire suppression services and has been delivering excellence in aviation for over 50 years.

Our longevity in our specialist field means we bring extensive experience and knowledge to every operation, while our innovative spirit ensures we remain at the forefront of the aerial firefighting industry.

As a result, R&M Aviation has become a trusted partner to government agencies and forestry companies in Australia and internationally.

With an unwavering commitment to protect land, nature and people, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of aerial firefighting services to support our clients.

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Mission and values

Our Mission

To be trusted and relied upon to support and protect from the air. Delivering aviation excellence in the protection of land, nature, and people

Our Values

As a company, R&M Aviation is committed to:

  • Exceeding expectations
  • Being accountable - for actions, decisions, and results
  • Forming collaborative partnerships
  • Acting with integrity
  • Prioritising safety and protection - of ourselves, others, and the environment
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Our team

Justin Mace

CEO & chief pilot

Niccole Mace

chief operating officer

Kaylah Hacio

relationship manager

Rob Johnston

head of strategy

Cassanda Shafer

accounts officer