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Our Culture Statement

  • Keep things simple and real, whilst thinking big and building on genuine successes through innovation
  • Encourage staff and clients to develop trust in us based on our knowledge and reliability, whilst continuing to expand our knowledge and maintain our reliability
  • Quality over quantity
  • Demonstrate genuine interest and investment in our clients and staff through open communication
  • Maintain a calm, inclusive, enjoyable, and well-run work environment for our carefully chosen team of staff and contractors. Their safety and future are in our hands.

Specialists in Aviation for over 50 years

Our Story

Starting out as a family-owned business over 50 years ago, R&M Aviation began by providing agricultural aerial services across Australia’s east coast. In 1995, as the country’s worsening bushfire crisis saw the demand for firefighting aircraft grow, the company moved into the critical field of aerial firefighting.

Since then, R&M Aviation has proudly served at the forefront of every fire season in Australia, helping to safeguard communities, support our partners, and protect the land and environment.

Today, with a team that includes some of the most accomplished firefighting pilots in the world, R&M Aviation has gone on to establish itself as a leading name in aerial firefighting, with a global client-base that includes government agencies and forestry companies. In addition, our dust suppression services are utilised by mining operators to reduce their environmental impact.

While R&M Aviation has experienced significant growth since its inception, the values that stem from being a family-owned company have remained. This means we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and forming strong, supportive relationships with those we partner with, and we continue to pride ourselves on extensive piloting experience and our dedication to aviation excellence.

Now, as we look ahead to a future in which the impact of climate change will undoubtedly see a rising demand for aerial firefighting, we are determined to continue upholding our vision of delivering aviation excellence in the protection of land, nature, and people.

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