What we do

Our Primary Service

Aerial Firefighting

We pride ourselves on providing safe, efficient and effective aerial fire suppression services using high-quality aircraft, flown by talented and experienced pilots. We support ground crews to attack fires early, protecting homes, nature, people and infrastructure.

We hold an International Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and have experience working in numerous countries. We have both the capability and desire to provide our expert services globally. We are agile and flexible, enabling us to fit in seamlessly with both private and government operations around the world.

We are highly experienced in operating with other aircraft and in complex missions. All safety requirements and standards are met, specific to the country we operate for.

We can support you with your aerial firefighting needs.

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R&M Aviation have a zero-accident history.

We deliver a safe, sustainable, superior fire suppression services utilising the latest technology and best practice while meeting the requirements of the regulatory bodies and government agencies.

The most important factor of all is the safety of our people, the environment and communities we serve.

Accreditation, Memberships and Regulation

Our Clients

R&M Aviation partners with government agencies and land managers to provide aerial firefighting services across the Asia Pacific region.

Our aerial fire suppression services offer the utmost in reliability and accuracy, ensuring the safety and protection of the environment and the communities affected.

Here are the current clients we serve:

Other Services

Dust Suppression

R&M Aviation partners with mining operators to provide aerial dust control and suppression services. Our service is designed to help mining operators reduce their environmental impact and ensure their operations adhere to environmental standards.