Our aircraft

R&M Aviation utilises the best equipment to provide the excellent aviation standards on which our customers rely.

We operate a variety of aircraft and have chosen to specialise in the self-fill amphibious firefighting plane.

The FireBoss

R&M Aviation was the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to operate the Fireboss - an amphibious self-fill Air Tractor 802 fire fighting aero plane.

Equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats for touch-and-go scooping from lakes, rivers and reservoirs near fires, the Fireboss can also operate from airfields alongside other SEAT aircraft. With the increase in engine power to 1600 HP, the Fireboss is purpose-built to manage any type of firefighting conditions.

R&M Aviation’s uniquely-designed GEL injection system for the Fireboss enables us to maximise fire suppression. This system allows the Fireboss to mix GEL onboard, offering superior firefighting capabilities. For added protection, injection occurs after filling to remove any possibility of GEL being inadvertently dropped into water sources.

With its exceptional speed, ease of manoeuvrability and fast turnaround, the Fireboss is particularly effective when providing close-ground support to local fire agencies.

The advantages of deploying amphibious aircraft to support fire control services include:

  • Initial Rapid Attack
    This aircraft can be utilised as an initial attack in order to quickly subdue the fire as soon as it’s detected. By reaching the fire first before ground crew arrive, the aircraft can help to keep the fire small and minimise its spread.
  • Continuous water scooping and dropping:
    The aircraft is able to continuously scoop water from a nearby water source (e.g. a river or lake), and utilise onboard mixing of a GEL or retardant to deliver continuous drops of water to a fire for a full fuel cycle (up to 62,000 litres for the Fireboss).
  • Agile and powerful
    With a high level of agility and power, the amphibious aircraft is the ideal vessel to manoeuvre in challenging terrain such as mountainous areas and deliver water at a lower altitude, closer to the fire.
  • Pre-positioned in rural and regional areas
    This aircraft operates out of rural and regional airports with limited infrastructure required. It can be dispatched in less than 15 minutes pre-loaded with water and GEL.