Our aircraft

R&M Aviation utilises the best equipment to provide the excellent aviation standards on which our customers rely.

We operate a variety of aircraft and specialise in the self-fill amphibious firefighting plane.

The FireBoss

R&M Aviation specialise in Fireboss operations. We were one of the first companies in the world to operate the Fireboss, introducing it to the Southern Hemisphere in 2008.

Our successful integration of the Fireboss into Australian operations has seen us accumulate thousands of operational hours. Our CEO is one of the most accomplished Fireboss pilots in the world.

R&M Aviation designed its own unique GEL injection system for the Fireboss, whereby injection occurs after scooping. This system allows the Fireboss to mix GEL onboard.

Air Tractor AT-802F

Over our 50 years, we have operated numerous Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATs), including M-18 Dromaders and Ayres Thrushes. We continue to operate the Air Tractor AT-802F aircraft.

The AT-802 aircraft we operate have increased engine power with a 1600 HP turbine engine, providing confidence to perform in difficult firefighting conditions.

The Next Generation - The Super Scooper

Our history and experience in Aerial Firefighting has led us to closely follow the development of the Viking Air CL-415EAF program and the expected production of the next generation CL-515.

The features of the aircraft we find particularly appealing are its productivity, endurance levels, improved safety ability and versatility.

It is the only purpose-built firefighting aircraft in the world, capable of scooping up to 6000 litres of water (and injecting gel or foam mid-flight) to deliver a continuous rapid attack to a fire for up to eight hours (its full fuel cycle).

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